Pink Zircon Gemstones

Zircon, older and more rare than a Diamond, has been known since the Middle Ages. The oldest known zircon stones from Western Australia are 4.4 billion years old.

Zircon comes closer to resembling Diamond than any other natural gem. Its strong luster and intense fire gives it a real sparkle that is comparable to Diamond. It is often less expensive, yet a natural alternative to Diamond. Zircon is sometimes confused with Cubic Zirconia. The two are entirely separate substances and have no connection with each other except for the fact that they both contain the element zirconium in their chemical structure. Zircons of all colors are used as gemstones. White is the most often used. Blue Zircon, the most popular color, has a lively pastel blue. Other colors (yellow, green, pink and purple) are less often seen in jewelry.

Pink Zircon is relatively rare. Colors vary between a dark pink to almost brown pink. Pink stones are usually very expensive. Tiffany’s sells a Pink Tourmaline for over $7,000. Pink Diamonds are one of the rarest and most expensive of all gemstones, unobtainable for most people except the very wealthy. Pink Sapphire is a more affordable alternative, though still rare and hardly inexpensive!

If you are thinking “pink”, why not consider a Pink Zircon? Vickeez Jewelz carries a 2.52CT oval pink Zircon ring, surrounded by a halo of .34CTS of white Zircon in a 10k Rose Gold setting for $425. It comes in a size 7, however since it is in Gold, it can be sized.

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