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Chrome Diopside

Chrome Diopside has several origins, but most of the finest material, and the only commercially viable deposit, is in the Republic of Sakha in Siberia Russia.  Production is sporadic due to extreme winters that last more than eight months. The vivid green colors of chrome diopside are a welcome alternative to rare and pricey emerald or tsavorite garnet, but has yet to gain mainstream recognition due to its limited availability.

Chrome Diopside may be the most beautiful green stone available on the planet! A very bold claim, there are plenty of gorgeous green gemstones as competition. But two things set Chrome Diopside apart – its color and its clarity. The lush forest greens with flashes of scintillation are as mesmerizing as any flashy emerald. But the big difference is in the clarity. Emeralds have unique inclusions; Mother Natures doing, which makes them beautiful just as they are – the imperfections, embraced as a positive thing.

But if you prefer a clean, clear gemstone – this often referred “million-dollar Emerald” is as good as it gets, without the enormous price tag. Chrome Diopside doesn’t command anywhere near the prices of good quality Emeralds, despite being extremely scarce.

Chrome Diopside is found in few other colors. They can range from yellow to pale green. If the stone is cut too deep, then the color will be too dark and the stone will lose its brilliance. Most of the color comes from iron impurities in the gemstone. But Chrome gets its vivid rich green from chromium – hence its name.

Speaking of  “the” name, with more interest in Chrome Diopside, more individual companies are taking notice and a new name has popped up on the screen. Tashmarine. I am starting to see Chrome in local jewelry stores, albeit mostly as accent stones.

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